Pages That Sell: Learning from the Experts

note: this post was part of a follow-up series from my “Repurposing For Your Business” workshop.

WHEN IT COMES TO SELLING ONLINE, there are no hard and fast rules about what you should or shouldn’t do.  But certainly there are some generally accepted techniques that marketers use because they bring proven success.  We talked about several of these techniques during our workshop, including:

  • Using benefit statements.
  • Empathizing with the readers’ pain or promising them pleasure.
  • Writing compelling and succinct headlines.
  • Using bullet points and highlighted keywords.
  • Incorporating images and/or video.
  • And including strong calls to action

For today’s lesson, I wanted to share with you three sample sales pages that I think demonstrate some of these techniques well.  Let’s observe how these business owners and companies compel readers to buy, download, opt in, or share.


Learning from Sales Experts: Three Examples of Sales Pages

Example 1: Hubspot

HUBSPOT is a company that I love to watch and learn from.  Not only do they provide a ton of valuable resources (free ebooks, webinars, etc.) to those on their email lists, but they also demonstrate great sales techniques on their ever-changing web pages.

Let’s look at their current homepage, which they just updated this week to promote the release of their new software:

HubSpot, All-in-One Marketing software

Here are a few things I like about this page:

  • The image spanning the width of the homepage at the top (above the fold) is personable, and yet also clearly states What the product is (= marketing software).
  • The sales copy below the image is short and to the point.  You’ll notice that it includes a string of benefit statements punctuated with strong verbs like “attract” and “transform.”
  • Finally, there are just two simple calls to action above the fold–“See the Software,” and  “Request a Demo”–and you’ll notice how they’ve selected color as a way to persuade you the choice they really want you to take.


Example 2: Mari Smith

MARI SMITH is another leader worth studying.  She has a variety of sales and marketing pages on her website, including the one below:

Mari Smith Facebook Mastery

You’ll observe immediately that Mari uses her personal image as a keystone of her branding, which is why it is always the first thing you see on her sales pages.  This provides readers with a sense of familiarity, and promotes her self-named brand.

This sales page also makes both direct and indirect references toward money–like the green color she uses for the background, and the pile of money she chose for her focal image.

Finally, Mari’s pages almost always include a short, personal video where she introduces herself (the black box on the screenshot above), lists her credentials to establish credibility,  and then describes how her product will help the viewer.  And they always end with a call to action to purchase the program.


Example 3: Brendon Burchard

For our last example, we’ll look at Brendon Burchard, one of Coach Sean McCarthy’s online mentors.  His sites are not nearly as well designed aesthetically as the other two, but they are equally effective.

Brendon Burchard Experts Academy

Right away you’ll notice that Brendon has just one primary thing he wants visitors to do on this page: join his list.  It is the only call to action he includes, and everything on the page drives the reader to that step.  It’s direct and simple and it works.

Like Mari, Brendon often uses video on his sales pages to establish credibility and share benefits.  In fact, video is Brendon Burchard’s primary way to sell and he’s very successful at it (so if you aren’t a writer, take heart!).

The other thing you’ll notice is that he uses the Facebook like plugin to show just how many people like this page, and thereby leverages positive peer pressure to add to his credibility.


Watch & Learn

That wraps up our look into a few successful sales pages that incorporate many of the techniques we discussed in the class.  Take some time to visit these sites and to view their other pages, as well as a few other on your personal favorite list that you like, and notice how experienced business owners are selling online in today’s market–

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