Lesson Two: What You Really Need For Your Product

note: this post was part of a follow-up series from my “Repurposing For Your Business” workshop.

You Don't Have to be a Pro to Create an EBook or ECourse

ONCE you’ve outlined and drafted the content for your digital product, converting it into something someone else will buy is less about science and more about perseverance.  And about learning when to delegate and when to tackle a task yourself.  For instance, here is what I recommend you’ll need for a completed ebook:


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For Your E-Book, You Will Need:

  • Your content with calls to action.
  • Stylized text, including headlines, bullet points, and lots of white space.
  • Graphics: the visual illustrations of your content, either in graphics, info graphics, or photos.
  • Editing: a second (and third) pair of eyes to catch typos, awkward phrases, etc. and to make recommendations about the structure and layout of your content.
  • Additional components if desired: these include all or some of the features I listed on the Anatomy of an E-Book handout, like cross-promotions, analytics, affiliate products, etc.
  • An attention-catching cover.
  • The correct file format(s) for the devices you are targeting, mainly epub, mobi, and pdf.
  • An online sales page with a shopping cart AND/OR a listing with a third-party eBook seller.
  • A file delivery system like EJunkie if you are selling the book yourself.


And here is what I recommend you’ll need for a completed ecourse:

For Your E-Course, You Will Need:

  • An email marketing provider that allows you to schedule auto-responders, like Aweber, MailChimp or Constant Contact.
  • A series of scheduled emails containing links to your content.
  • Corresponding web pages with the content (like what you are accessing right now).  I recommend doing this instead of putting the content directly into your emails because it earns you better SEO, it gets people to your website, and it gives you more opportunities to share additional links and content.
  • Graphics: same as for the ebook, included in either your emails or your web pages or both.
  • A sales page and shopping cart.
  • A “cover” that you’ll use to promote the course.


So, what do you tackle yourself and what do you need to delegate to someone else?  Well, that entirely depends on your time and your abilities.


You Have What You Need!

The truth is that you really don’t need a lot of technical skill to create either one of these products.  In fact, most of you could create what you needed using the computers and the software you already have.  For instance:

  • You can create your graphics in PowerPoint or Keynote.
  • You can style your text in Word or Apple Pages.
  • Likewise, you can create your Cover in your word processor.
  • Depending on how updated your software is, you can probably even export your file into a pdf format.
  • And you can create webpages using your website, or by starting a new blog.


In other words, you DO NOT need to be a graphic designer.  You DO NOT need to be a web developer.  You CAN do this!


The question, then, is will you?  And this is where the perseverance comes in.  Creating a product is less about skill and more about commitment and focus.  If you find yourself getting bogged down in the details, then it is time to consider bringing in others to help you complete your product with you.  Because without the product you won’t make the sale, and you won’t be able to move forward into this new arena for your business.

Obviously I am available, and there are many online sites and resources that can also help.  So get started on the list above and reach out if you need help!

Let me help you get started!  We can work together for under $100 per month to help get your ideas off the ground.  Contact me to start the conversation–

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