Defining Failure & Success

WHILE READING THROUGH my blog subscriptions recently, I encountered a YouTube video featuring businesses philosopher, Jim Rohn.  In this video he talked about his definitions of failure and success, and they made so much sense to me that I wrote them down and have been mulling them over in my mind ever since.  Here they are:


Failure & Success According to Jim Rohn:

FAILURE: A few errors in judgment repeated every day.

SUCCESS: A few simple disciplines practiced every day.



Needless to say, these definitions appeal to me greatly.  Rather than perceiving success or failure as somewhat ambiguous benchmarks that we use to measure how we’re doing or how we’ve done, these definitions bring success and failure onto the daily level and make them habit.  This daily-ness encourages me because it makes success seem easier to accomplish…and failure easier to avoid.

Since writing them down, I’ve spent a lot of time thinking about those few, simple disciplines that I can practice every day.  My list includes things like eating more vegetables, making the bed, sketching up tomorrow’s to-do list at the end of today, and returning messages promptly Focusing on these simple things rather than stewing about what success looks like five years from now has taken some of the pressure off and helped me to not get too far ahead of myself (something I tend to do).  And it has reminded me that we really, truly only live one day of our lives at a time.

Do you agree with these definitions of failure and success?  Do they seem encouraging or trivial?

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