3 Guidelines For My Next Minimalist Wardrobe

planning a spring minimalist wardrobe

Spring is here in Northern Colorado which means many things:

  1. My legs are white. Like really white.
  2. I can no longer neglect my toenails. They need polish, ASAP.
  3. And I have an itching urge to shop for pretty things to freshen up my wardrobe.

Regarding this last item, spring means that it’s also time to create a spring capsule wardrobe.

This will be my second capsule (you can read about the first, including links to great resources to create your own, here) and I’ve learned a few things about this process since winter.

planning a spring capsule wardrobe

planning a spring minimalist wardrobe

#1: Layers

First, I’m putting a lot of emphasis on layers this time around. Not only is spring notoriously fickle in Colorado, but my winter capsule was Too Hot! Too many pullover sweaters and not enough cardigans didn’t give me many options for warmer days, so this time I’m planning smarter.

#2: Repurpose, Reuse, Buy Thrift

Second, I’d like to repurpose and reuse more for this capsule. Partly this is because I feel a heaviness when I drop off a bunch of old clothes at the thrift store and then turn right around to buy new replacements. It doesn’t sit quite right in my soul.

Also, I love the creative challenge of turning something old into something new. It’s invigorating and makes fashion fun for me. I already have a few DIY projects lined up that I’m looking forward to sharing with you soon!

planning a spring minimalist wardrobe

#3: Knit Dresses

Third, I’m gravitating even more to my fashion sweet-spot: knit dresses. They’re my #1 capsule go-to garment because of their flexibility. I’d gladly limit my selections in other categories (ex. shoes, pants) in order to add more dresses.

With these three things, I pretty much have my shopping criteria for spring. I need layers and dresses, and if possible I’d like to buy second-hand and/or repurpose things I already own.

I’m excited to share how it comes together, soon!

planning a spring minimalist wardrobe

Considering a minimalist wardrobe? Here are two resources from Caroline over at UnFancy that will get you started:

What’s your favorite go-to garment for spring?

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