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Copywriting and Content Marketing Strategy

In an era of oversharing, misinformation, and social rancor, there’s never been a greater need for words written delivered care.

Whether the words are well-timed to promote thoughtfulness, to provoke action, or to persuade, carefully chosen words have a job to do.As a copywriter and content marketer, words are my profession. I greet my keyboard each morning, enthusiastic about the day’s writing challenge ahead, and eager to see the power of content transform lives, grow businesses, and promote action.

Let me help you find the words you need. Contact me at stephaniehillberry<at>gmail.com

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Current Projects:
Simple Living

Simple Living Challenge

From minimalism to technology detoxes to productivity hacks, I’ve been experimenting with ways to simplify my life for the past five years.

During this time I’ve learned some surprising benefits of simplicity, including increased wealth, clarity of purpose, and spiritual fulfillment.

To make these benefits more accessible to everyone, I share ideas and practical things to try on my blog, Simple Life Lab.

Visit the site, and choose a simple living challenge to start today.

Stephanie HIllberry

The “Give a Damn” initiative

With my busy schedule, work demands, and personal goals, it’s easy for me to miss opportunities to focus on others and make the world a better place.

But after a few recent events challenged my priorities, I began to notice how my daily choices had the power to either support or undermine others in my community and around the world.

In response, the “Give a Damn” initiative is an ongoing project that seeks to:

  • Find and celebrate everyday actions that support change, no matter how small or insignificant they may be
  • Forge partnerships with others to alleviate poverty
  • Seek practical daily ways to focus on others

Currently working with:

  • Guatemalan artisans using entrepreneurialism to lift up their community
  • A coffee roaster with a mission to change the way we think about our favorite drinkable commodity
  • An organization with insights into what creates sustainable progress out of poverty

To follow these projects, and for ideas about how your everyday actions can support others, follow me on Instagram and/or visit my blog.