Discover Your Best Marketing Strategy


Finding Your Best Marketing Strategy

Does Your Marketing Strategy Feel More Like a MAP or a MAZE?

  • Maps lead you step-by-step toward greater profit; mazes lead you down expensive dead-ends.
  • Maps show you exactly where to go next; mazes give you three directions without telling you which one is right.
  • Maps save you time with shortcuts; mazes waste time with too many twists and turns.
  • Maps deliver you to your end goal; mazes just get you lost.

Discover Your Best Marketing Strategy

My goal is to help you discover your best marketing strategy, and to replace your maze with a clear, guided marketing map customized for your business destination. How? By providing marketing training, templates and tools to help you navigate through the rapidly changing landscape of internet marketing today.

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STEPHANIE HILLBERRY is a professional speaker, trainer and consultant specializing in helping businesses to discover their best marketing strategy, including mastery of digital media as well as making personal connection.

Stephanie began her personal journey as a marketer & speaker in 2008 when she recognized that the future of the marketplace was digital and committed herself to becoming an expert in blogging, websites, and digital publishing.  After a few years of mediocre success, though, she realized that something was missing: personal connection and follow-through.

Slowly she began replacing emails with phone calls, and social media with face-to-face meetings, and watched as a few simple, tried-and-true sales practices unlocked her business potential.  Sales increased.  Opportunities appeared.

The secret, apparently, was combining the best of digital media with what we’ve known all along: people aren’t digital–they’re personal.  And to sell you have to be personal.  This simple, wholesome approach became her trademark.

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Services & Solutions: A Smart Approach For Your Business

What You Already Know:

Today’s marketplace is increasingly digital, which means that companies must become experts at digital media, including mastery of websites, blogging, email/text marketing, and social media. This mastery is intrinsically tied to the ability to market products and make sales.

What You Might Suspect:

Though powerful and valuable, however, digital communication is inherently insufficient. Digital simply doesn’t deliver without personal follow through, phone calls, and face-to-face connections.

Concerned that business owners, professionals and companies are overlooking the timeless value of these personal skills–and thereby loosing sales opportunities–Stephanie offers strategy on sales and marketing using a balanced, integrated approach. Part digital and part personal, this strategy is called Hybrid Selling. It equips companies to Close the Loop on Missed Sales, Simplify Marketing for Higher ROI, and Convert More Visitors With Productive Websites and Blogs. Hybrid Selling works because it is commonsense, and it will work for your company.

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